Welcome to Easterseals Nevada Early Intervention! Easterseals Nevada’s Early Intervention Program provides services and resources to ensure every child develops into a thriving adult.

What is Early Intervention!

ESN’s Early Intervention Program encompasses a range of services that is intended to help children, ages Birth to 3, reach developmental milestones, enhance their capabilities and enrich their lives.

Trillions of brain cell connections are made in the first weeks, months and years of life.

Trillions of brain cell connections are made in the first weeks, months and years of life.

ESN’s Early Intervention Program includes both clinical and non-clinical services:

  • Assistive technology devices and services

  • Audiological (Hearing & Balance) services

  • Family training & counseling

  • Medical services for diagnostic and evaluation purposes

  • Nutrition services

  • Nursing services

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Specialized instruction

  • Speech Therapy and language services

  • Transportation necessary to receive EI services

  • Vision services

ESN’s Early Intervention Program also includes any health services necessary to provide a benefit from other EI services as well as coordination of all services.

We are proud to offer Autism Diagnosis by a Board Certified Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

and social engagement through regular playgroups, holiday, art and music programs.

Age:  Birth to 3

Services: Clinical and Non-Clinical (See Above List)

Location: Client’s Home

Examples of Client Diagnoses: Developmental Delays that are evidenced by delays in Speech, Fine and/or Gross Motor Skills, Autism, Down Syndrome

Easter Seals were amazing from the start to the very end, we had such a multidisciplinary approach with OT, speech therapy and developmental sessions. Our interactions with these therapists completely changed our lives and I strongly know that it is the support that we received from early intervention that has bolted my son’s progress over the past 6 months.
— Shara C